Sourabh Bali

A Filmmaker, photographer, keen traveler and an able manager, he is the award winning creative visionary of Pumpkin Entertainment.

Shweta Saraf

Has a vast experience of working with major corporates. She is the key liaison between the client and the company.escribe your image

Dr. Parna Das

Describe your imageA researcher and a writer behind major projects, proficient in multitasking with a combination of production/post production skills

Jitender Prajapati

Key player when it comes to editing with complete proficiency with plenty of experience in threshold.

Yash Here

A keen eye to capture..The DOP

Deepak Kumar

A theatre Actor , Assistant director and man for all jobs...

Adesh Khatana

With varied perspective he has an objective look to things and is capable of taking challenging work with efficient results.

Behind The Scene